"are you bored on a rainy day? try some of these crafts"

bird feeder


1 pinecone

peanut butter


hanger (such as wire)

Take one large pinecone.

Cover the pinecone in peanut butter.

Roll the pinecone in birdseed.

Put the pinecone on a hanger, such as a wire, and hang it on a tree branch outside.



1 cup white glue

1 cup liquid starch

food coloring

Mix one cup of glue and any food coloring into a plastic container.

Add liquid starch a little at a time, stirring constantly.

Keep stirring until mixture holds together like putty.

Test with your fingers, if too sticky, add more starch in small amounts until mass is smooth and rubbery.

Have fun pulling, stretching, bouncing, etc.

Store in a plastic bag or airtight container.

power bubbles


6 cups water

3/4 cup corn syrup

2 cups Joy dishwashing liquid

bubble wand

Mix together. Let set 4 hours (to let bubble settle), then enjoy.